Lighthouse Map Tarkov: A Step By Step Guide

lighthouse map tarkov
lighthouse map tarkov


Escape from Lighthouse Map Tarkov, an in-your-face and practical web-based first-individual shooter, offers a serious gaming experience with its complex guides and testing ongoing interaction. One of the fresher increments to the game is the Beacon map, giving players an interesting climate to explore and prevail. In this aide, we will dig into the subtleties of the Beacon map in Break from Tarkov, covering key areas, methodologies, and tips for an effective strike.

Understanding the Lighthouse Map Tarkov

The Beacon map is set in the imaginary Norvinsk area, known for its different landscapes and risky districts. Presented in a new update, this guide includes a blend of metropolitan and seaside conditions, making a powerful battleground for both prepared and new players. Understanding the guide’s design is essential for endurance and progress in strikes.

Key Locations on the Lighthouse Map

Lighthouse Building

  • The central point of interest on the map is the Lighthouse Map Tarkov Building, which offers vantage points for snipers and close-quarter combat areas. Be cautious when approaching, as it attracts both Scavs and PMC players seeking valuable loot.

Cargo Port 

  • Situated toward the east, the Freight Port gives chances for plunder and potential firefights. Watch out for steel trailers, as they might contain significant things. Be careful about different players hiding around here.

Coastal Village 

  • To the west of the map lies the Coastal Village, a more residential area with loot potential. Use cover wisely when moving through the houses, and be prepared for engagements with both Scavs and hostile players.

Radio Tower 

  • Arranged in the northern piece of the aide, the Radio Pinnacle can act as an amazing vantage point. Be that as it may, it is likewise a high-traffic region, so practice alert while drawing closer. Scavs frequently watch this area, making it a possible focal point for activity.

Navigational Tips for the Lighthouse Map

Use High Ground to Your Advantage

  • Take advantage of elevated positions like the Lighthouse Building or the Radio Tower to scout for enemies and plan your movements. These locations can offer a strategic advantage in spotting opponents and engaging them.

Stay Informed with Map Knowledge

  • Get to know the guide’s format, including important milestones, extraction focuses, and high-traffic regions. This information will improve your decision-production during strikes and increment your possibilities of endurance.

Dynamic Weather and Lighting

  • The Lighthouse map features dynamic weather and lighting conditions, impacting visibility and gameplay. Adapt your strategy based on the current weather, using fog and darkness to your advantage for stealthy movements.

Loot and Rewards on the Lighthouse Map

Understanding the loot distribution on the Lighthouse map is essential for maximizing your gains and optimizing your raid experience.

High-Value Loot Locations

Lighthouse Building Rooftop

  • Accessible through careful navigation, the rooftop of the Lighthouse Building often contains high-value loot. Be prepared for potential confrontations, as other players may have the same goal.

Cargo Port Warehouses 

  • Explore the various warehouses in the Cargo Port area to find valuable items and weapons. Look for hidden stashes and loot crates scattered throughout the port.

Coastal Village Houses

  • The residential houses in the Coastal Village can yield valuable loot, including medical supplies, weapons, and armor. Take the time to search each room thoroughly while remaining vigilant for potential threats.

Risk and Reward Balance

Player vs. Scav Encounters

  • The Lighthouse map’s combination of Scav AI and other player-controlled characters introduces a dynamic element to each raid. Balancing the risk of engaging with hostile players and the reward of valuable loot is crucial for a successful raid.

Extraction Points

  • Plan your raid with consideration for extraction points. Knowing the locations and potential dangers surrounding extraction points is vital for a smooth exit. Other players may also target these areas, leading to potential firefights.

Strategies for Success on the Lighthouse Map

Creating viable techniques is critical to getting by and blossoming with the Beacon map in Getaway from Tarkov.

Solo vs. Group Play

Solo Play 

  • Solo players should focus on stealth and awareness. Move mindfully, use cover, actually, and keep away from pointless commitment. Use the guide’s geography for your potential benefit, and pick your fights shrewdly.

Group Play

  • When playing in a group, communication is paramount. Coordinate movements, share information, and cover each other to increase your chances of success. However, be mindful of the increased noise and visibility that comes with a larger group.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Adapt to Dynamic Conditions

  • The Lighthouse map’s dynamic weather and lighting conditions require adaptability. Adjust your playstyle based on the current situation, whether utilizing fog for stealth or taking advantage of clear skies for long-range engagements.

Flexibility in Loadouts

  • Consider adjusting your loadout given your favored playstyle and the particular difficulties of the Beacon map. A blend of long-reach and close-quarter weapons, alongside satisfactory clinical supplies, can upgrade your survivability.

Learning from Experience

Analyzing Past Raids 

  • After each raid, take the time to review your actions and learn from your experiences. Identify mistakes, analyze engagements, and consider how you could have approached situations differently. This self-reflection is crucial for continuous improvement.

Staying Informed with Updates

  • Escape from Tarkov routinely gets updates and fixes that might influence map elements, plunder circulation, and ongoing interaction mechanics. Remain informed about these progressions to adjust your procedures appropriately and remain in front of the opposition.


Exploring the Beacon map in Getaway from Lighthouse Map Tarkov requires a mix of guide information, vital reasoning, and versatility. Whether you’re an independent player looking for secretive experiences or a piece of a gathering going for the gold, figuring out the key areas, plunder dispersion, and viable methodologies will work on your odds of coming out on top. Carve out the opportunity to investigate the subtleties of the Beacon map, gain from your encounters, and embrace the difficulties you anticipate in this extraordinary and dynamic gaming climate.


What extraction points are available on the Lighthouse map, and how can players navigate them safely?

The Lighthouse map offers multiple extraction points, each with its challenges. Common extraction points include the Lighthouse Building, Cargo Port, and Coastal Village. Players should familiarize themselves with these locations and plan their routes accordingly. However, it’s crucial to stay vigilant, as other players may target extraction points, leading to potential firefights.

Are there specific high-value loot locations on the Lighthouse map?

Yes, the Lighthouse map features several high-value loot locations. The rooftops of the Lighthouse Building, Cargo Port warehouses, and Coastal Village residential houses are known for containing valuable items, weapons, and armor. Exploring these areas carefully can significantly enhance your loot gains.

How should players adapt to the dynamic weather and lighting conditions on the Lighthouse map?

Given the ongoing climate and lighting conditions, players ought to remain versatile and change their playstyle. For instance, hazy weather conditions can be utilized for secretive developments, while clear skies give potential chances for long-go commitment. Monitoring these circumstances is pivotal for effective attacks.

What are some recommended strategies for solo players on the Lighthouse map?

Solo players should prioritize stealth and awareness on the Lighthouse map. Moving cautiously, utilizing cover effectively, and avoiding unnecessary engagements are key. Solo players should likewise be aware of expected dangers from different players and Scavs and pick their fights astutely.

How can players stay informed about updates and changes to the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov?

Remaining informed about refreshes is fundamental for adjusting systems. Players can consistently check official Departure from Tarkov gatherings, fix notes, and local area-driven stages to remain refreshed on changes to the Beacon map, plunder appropriation, and other interactivity mechanics. Keeping awake to date with these updates ensures players stay cutthroat in the always-developing Tarkov climate.

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